The Divine Wellness Academy with Troy Ismir

The Divine Wellness Academy radio program is a show that helps you discover your connection between your physical and spiritual health. This show will help you to make transformational lifestyle changes through Christ-centered principles. This show will include everything you need to get your health back and be inspired to use your body for God’s glory. You will learn how to have a fit body, strong mind and warrior spirit. The better you take care of your body, the better you will be able to take care of your spirit. Our hope is that you’ll be inspired and empowered to make changes in the following areas: Spiritual fitness Mind and prayer fitness Strength and cardiovascular fitness Nutrition and proper eating habits Sleep and stress management The Divine Wellness Academy’s goal for you is that by listening to this show you will draw on God’s strength to help you get in the best physical, spiritual and emotional shape of your life.
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The Divine Wellness Academy with Troy Ismir


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Dec 27, 2016
This episode of the Divine Wellness Academy podcast is all about how to get fit from the inside out. My guest today is Tabitha Sierra. Tabitha is a certified personal trainer, Crossfit and nutrition coach and podcaster. The name of Tabitha’s podcast is Fit Inside Out.
Dec 20, 2016
In this episode of the Divine Wellness Academy podcast, host Troy Ismir shares his story about how his fitness ministry, Phil413 Fitness got started. Troy will talk about how he was able to overcome a devastating knee injury and a tragic divorce to use his pain to do good. Troy will discuss 6 spiritual training principles to getting a spiritual 6-pack.
Dec 13, 2016
This episode of the Divine Wellness Academy podcast is all about how to incorporate your faith into your fitness program. My guest today is Michelle Spadafora. She is the founder of and creator of Faithful Workouts. Michelle has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has been running Faithful Workouts for the past 7 years. The focus of Faithful Workouts is to bring people the most God centered and health focused content possible.
Dec 6, 2016

The episode of the Divine Wellness Academy podcast is all about getting physically and spiritually fit.  My guest for today’s show is Nathan Gay.  Nathan is the owner and head coach at New Glory Fitness.   Nathan is a weight loss coach and serves in the military as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot.  His passion is changing lives and showing people that they are loved as is.